Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Early Childhood Teaching Strategies

There are several strategies in the implementation of early childhood teaching activities, which could be applied by teachers or parents.

The role of teachers and parents is essential in the implementation of this strategy. Each party should support each other. We can't just rely on the role of teachers in schools, because of the time children spent more at home with the parents.

early childhood teaching
If between teachers and parents do not support each other, make strategic applied do not get optimal results.

At the age of 1 – 6 years, a golden period for a child. At the time of the happening of the basics as well as the development of attitudes and behaviors of various dimensions of intelligence (intellectuality, emotional, social, spiritual, kinesthetic and art) intensive.

Need a good and correct handling, so that in this period, children can get a good basis. Because by giving a good basis on children will make it easy for children to develop themselves well anyway, as long as we are able to keep the development process goes well until a good personality is formed.
In some cases, a person's success in the future, influenced by the base they earn while still small.

Among the strategies that can be applied are:

Given the Intense Attention

Given the intense attention to children from an early age can help develop the ability of communicating and speaking.

Communication and language skills are the basis for learning to develop other abilities.
Children experiencing difficulties of communication and languages tend to have difficulty learning to develop other abilities.

Give Encouragement

The urge to do in a pleasant atmosphere, with an authoritative parenting (Democratic).
Teachers and parents need to be sensitive to cues-cue the child, having regard to the interest and wishes of the child or opinions.

Although not every kid wishes we could fill, but having regard to the wishes of the child, the child can learn to convey his desire.

Give Specific Feedback

Give feedback on this needs to be done, so that children feel cared for as well as we can know how children's ability to understand and do something.

So that we can customize the strategies that we can apply to the next.

Give a Model or Example

Children love to imitate what others have done, especially those considered to have authority. Parents and teachers can give an example to the children, how should they do things.

By example, children are more easily understood than by giving a lot of advice.

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