Sunday, February 1, 2015

Help Children to Feel Comfortable In a New School

Enter the gate of the school for the first time, is a great experience for a child. An initial step towards formal education, together with new friends.

He will learn a lot of things, in a way that may be different to the way of their learning at home during this time.

If at home, perhaps she could only learn to explore from the environment around the House and with some family members. But when he began to study in schools, he will get new experiences, meet and learn to interact with other children.
Children to Feel Comfortable In a New School

At first the child may be having a little trouble adapting to the new environment. This is natural and doesn't need it, because basically the kids are very adaptable.

However, if the child is difficult to adapt to his new environment, it could be during this time, she is in an environment that is narrow, with only family members or never interacting with anyone else.

Although there are teachers who have had experience dealing with children, but it doesn't hurt we help our children to be able to quickly adapt and feel comfortable in his new surroundings.

We can accompany the child until he felt comfortable. Let him play with toys or other objects that exist there.

Once he feels comfortable, we can start a little bit away. Give a smile, when she saw our faces. Keep hang on to our position, for some time. Let the child feel safe, there are still just ahead of us.

Say hello to other children, bring him to communicate, then we can bring our children to come into play with the child.

Play with them, until they can interact and play with each other. And little by little, start away from them. Remains idle with a smile, and give a smile that when children turned toward us.

When it was home from school, let the child tell about, friends, teachers and his new toy in all schools. Storytelling, about the experience of fun that we experience when entering the school first, let the children marvel with our story. When the child begins to astonished-amazed by what we tell you, it will go into the memory of her brain.

This is a good step, and important. Experience a fun kid on the first day he entered school, will make it a pleasure to leave for school the next day.

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